About us

Growth Intelligence® dramatically increases B2B marketing conversion rates using Big Data. Before Growth Intelligence® there was no real-time source of information on the activity or performance of private companies. This meant that B2B businesses were doing marketing today with last year’s information. No wonder standard outbound marketing conversion rates are <1%.

But everything a company does leaves a digital trace on the web. Growth Intelligence® creates a fingerprint of a company by gathering this data and processes it using machine learning to produce real-time intelligence on the performance and activity of millions of firms. Growth Intelligence then accurately predicts which companies are ready to buy from which others today. We call this technology the Buyer Matrix™.

Our clients have seen up to 14x performance boosts in marketing ROI. Try Growth Intelligence today and see what we can do for your business.

The Team

Tom Gatten

Tom has worked at the BBC World Service, the Times of India and business intelligence firm Screen Digest. Tom graduated with the top first in his year from Oxford. He defined the original algorithms and the theoretical principles behind the core software of Growth Intelligence and now leads company strategy.

Prashant Majmudar

Prashant draws on six years delivering major defence and security software projects to government and corporations at BAE Systems Detica. Prior to Detica, Prashant worked for three years at DSTL, the government defence research agency. Prashant holds a first-class degree in Physics from Warwick.

Francois Bouet
Lead Engineer

Francois works on the core code framework behind Growth Intelligence. Francois has a background in Python and mathematical programming for French Defence company EADS Astrium.

Hemel Popat
Software Architect

Hemel oversees Growth Intelligence’s technical strategy. Hemel has a background as a Technical Architect at the Ministry of Justice, Technical Authority for Central Government and Principal Consultant at PA Consulting Group and NatWest Bank.

Rob Morrod
Head of Business Development

Rob is Head of Business Development at Growth Intelligence. Before Gi, Rob worked at SNL Financial and IHS.

Andrew Weeks
Software Engineer

Andrew holds a PhD in Computer Science and an MEng in Computer Systems and Software Engineering from the University of York. His specialisations include Neutral Emergence and Coarse Graining Cellular Automata, artificial intelligence, Bayesian networks and non-standard computation.

Sam Stephens
Software Developer

Alex Mitchell
Data Team Lead

Alex has worked at both BAE Systems and most recently for five years at BAE Systems Detica as a Principal Consultant before joining Growth Intelligence to lead the data science team. Alex holds a First-class degree in Computer Science from Nottingham University and a Masters in Machine Learning and Data Mining from Bristol University, where he was awarded the top distinction.

Chiara Mureddu

Chiara holds a diploma in Accountancy and Software Development and a masters in Modern Languages and Literature at the University of Cagliari and speaks five European languages.

Hal Varian
Advisory Board

Hal R. Varian is the chief economist at Google. Since 2002 he has been involved in many aspects of the company, including auction design, econometric analysis, finance, corporate strategy and public policy. Hal had a major role in analysing and refining Google’s ad-auction system which contributed so much to Google’s success. Hal has been at the forefront of innovation at the crossroads between finance and web technology for many years.

JP Rangaswami
Advisory Board

JP Rangaswami is the Chief Scientist at Salesforce.com. He reports directly to Marc Benioff (CEO) and is responsible for Salesforce’s product strategy, in particular innovation through Salesforce Apps and Force.com.

Michal Zlabek
Marketing Manager

Paul Johnson
Advisory Board

Paul is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. He spent 38 years with KPMG Europe LLP, becoming a Partner in 1988 and has extensive experience of working with companies in a variety of different industries in both the listed and private sectors. For the last 12 years he was Chairman of KPMG London and Eastern Counties and a member of KPMG’s UK Markets Executive.

Jens Lapinski
Advisory Board

Co-founder at Forward Labs, a London-based startup studio. Director at Techstars London from January 2014 onwards.

Jeremy Silver
Advisory Board

Jeremy Silver is an entrepreneur, digital media adviser and thought-leader. He is Executive Chairman of Semetric (real-time analytics for the entertainment industry – check out musicmetric) and Chair of MusicGlue (online ticketing and services for artists).