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Proven dramatic increase in conversion rates. We use web-scale data and advanced analytics to predict who your next clients will be.
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The Buyer Matrix™ is Gi’s unique complex of company real-time big-data footprints and smart algorithms which detect buying patterns.


Companies recommended by Gi have an immediate FX need, which means that our sales people can focus more on what they do best – finding the right FX solutions to our prospective clients. Gi makes every call count.

David Clark MD - Europe, Cambridge Mercantile

Growth Intelligence gives us confidence that we are talking to the right prospects at the right time, therefore increasing sales opportunities. In less than 90 days, we saw continuous growth in quotes generated due to a 5x increase in conversion rates. Gi learns and adapts the more we use it, generating higher quality sales leads every day.

Adrian Brandish Outbound Data Manager, Pure360

We got up and running immediately…very significant lift in a very short time period. I would strongly recommend Growth Intelligence to other B2B teams.

Bryan Hands Product & Proposition Manager, BT Business