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Inbound vs Outbound

And why outbound marketing is back.

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Proven dramatic increase in conversion rates. We use web-scale data and advanced analytics to predict who your next clients will be.

The Buyer Matrix™ is Gi’s unique complex of company real-time big-data footprints and smart algorithms which detect buying patterns.


We got up and running immediately…very significant lift in a very short time period. I would strongly recommend Growth Intelligence to other B2B teams.

Bryan Hands Product & Proposition Manager, BT Business

For me Growth Intelligence is about saying: who’s my next target and what knowledge can I get that will help me in discussions? I’ve been analysing this market for years but Growth Intelligence still throws up companies I don’t know.

Richard Rutnagur Sales Director, Reg. Growth, KPMG

Our approach felt bespoke and aligned to the customer…A conversion rate of 15%! That is just unbelievable, normally we’d be looking at 2 or 3% max. If all our data was like this productivity of outbound campaigns would go up massively

Peter Charlton Peter Charlton, Barclays Business